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Selecting The Right Bat

Bat Anatomy

  • Sweet Spot – A sweet spot is an area on the bat where the ball receives the greatest acceleration. Sweet spot on a cricket bat can be mid to low, mid middle, mid to high and extra low depending upon the playing conditions.
  • Edge – Some prefer thicker edges as compared to others, usually the bats with thicker edges carry more weight but may have a larger sweet spot.
  • Face – rounded or flat.
  • Spine – Spine is on the back of a cricket bat, running down from handle to the toe. Higher the spine of the bat means more willow behind the sweet spot.
  • Bow - Cricket Bow is the curve of the cricket bat from the tip of the handle to the end of the toe.

Weight & Size of the Bat

  • Pick up – Well balanced bat will have a lighter pick up which is what every player wants.
  • Weight of the bats vary usually from 2.6 lbs. – 2.12 lbs.
  • A cricket bat comes in different size in terms of handle and its blade – Short / Long handle and short blade/ regular blade / Long blade.


  • Round handle.
  • Oval handle.
  • Semi oval handle.

Shape and Profile of the Bat

  • Larger classification is high, mid and low profiles.
    Full profile – No /minimum concaving, for big bats with max wood.
    Duckbill – will have a thicker toe.
    Full spine – usually has leaner toe.
    Concaved – wood is removed to compensate for the lighter weight bats.
  • Blade profile
    Traditional bow
    Slight bow
    Large bow

Toe Profile

  • Square toe.
  • Round toe.
  • Semi rounded / Angled toe.

Willow Grade

  • English willows are classified from grade 1-5.
  • Quality of the willow.
  • Number of grains (grading is done as per J.S Wright).

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