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Why Do Cricket Bats Break???

A worst sight for any batsman is to see their beloved bat break. A cricket bat is made of wood so in theory any bat can break.
However, there are few reasons listed below which definitely contribute in breaking of a bat.

Poor quality leather balls

  • Balls which are of poor quality or too heavy can damage the bat. These balls are harder and heavier than a genuine good quality balls and usually have very less cork in the core.

Bats not prepared properly

  • If the bats are not pressed properly then there is a chance, that these bats can get damaged easily.

Right Moisture

  • While preparing a bat it is critical that the right amount of moisture is left in the willow after it has been dried out. After a certain point if it is dried too much then it reduces the strength of a cricket bat.

Readying the bat before play

  • Once the bat has been purchased, it is important to knock them in properly, Oiling and knocking of a bat plays a crucial role in prolonging the longevity of an English willow bat. Oiling helps in retaining the moisture in the bat while knocking it makes the bat stronger and more durable.

Use of European willow instead of English willow

  • This happens at times where a manufacturer is selling a European willow by calling it a English willow. It is tough to differentiate a European willow from an English willow but, European willow usually has lots of narrow grains and at times has tinge of red color. These bats can perform well but durability is always questionable as they are brittle in nature.


  • They have always been a formidable adversary for the cricket bats. As the toe of the bat usually has lesser protection (less wood) , a fast yorker can easily break cricket bat from the bottom.

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